There are bamboos

10,000 meters high
if you look at their shadows
by moonlight.
-Su Tung-p'o

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144 KB Dendrocalamus sp. 'Parker's Giant' Closeup on D. Parker's Giant flower. Florida's Suncoast, Tampa, Fl. Photo by Roy Rogers Tampa, Florida
277 KB Chusquea gigantea Dec. 2016 - see red colored new shoots. Current temps = low 30's to high 50's. Shooting season will last abt 5 months. Main grove 24 X12ft. First plant purchased 2002 but stayed potted for 3 or 4 years.
Height abt. 35 ft.
SCotts Vallet, Ca
270 KB Dendrocalamus sp. 'Parker's Giant' D.Sp. 'Parker's Giant' flowering on Florida's SunCoast, Tampa, FL. No actually seeds yet, but 1000s of flowers on all plants. The plants started flowering late Summer. .
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