Phyllostachys humilis #1? #2?

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Phyllostachys humilis #1? #2?

Post by spiros »

Trying to identify 2 bamboos, northern NJ 6b/7a border
both have thick leaves like Ph. bissetii
They are across a busy highway from each other.

#1seems like P. humilis but with yellow sulcus
When I rub upward on the culm it does NOT feel rough like P. aureosulcata, but mostly smooth.
Not shooting right now

#2 Phyllostachys humilis (best guess)
Looks like a match to ... ndex_e.htm
Maximum height, mostly 15' some taller
culms - olive tone
currenty shooting (April 24) Early Spring
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Re: Phyllostachys humilis #1? #2?

Post by Alan_L »

I don't grow humilis, but those nodes do not look like the top photo in the link you posted.
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