Graceful Bamboo Flowering

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Graceful Bamboo Flowering

Post by BarbaraD »

I have one plant of Graceful Bamboo with what appears to be flowering, I've heard they died after that, it is that true?
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Re: Graceful Bamboo Flowering

Post by needmore »

Greetings, often bamboo will die after flowering, not always as some species can flower and hang in there but I would be prepared for it.
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Re: Graceful Bamboo Flowering

Post by Caliglas »

Interesting. I have one gracilis flowered this year. It's a pretty big plant, maybey 150-200 shoots? A little less than half flowered. I have a billion seeds. What do I need to do with the seeds to keep them so they are good to plant in the future? My guess would be to collect the seeds from the culms and put them in the freezer. Do they need to dry before I plant some?

FWIW, I have maybe 200 or so gracilis plants. This is the only one that flowered. Fortunate for me because I have a 1000 ft property line and 800 feet of it is walled with gracilis. I would be pretty bummed if they all flowered. I guess this one stressed, maybe....

I also had an Alphonse Carr flower a couple years ago. I collected the seeds and bagged them and they are still in the frezzer. No clue if they're good. There are around 30 little plants at the base that grew from the fallen seeds. Some bigger than others. I have just been too busy to spend some time and pot some of these up. I told my daughter when the AC flowered that if there are a million seeds that we could plant all of them and get $35 a piece, which would amount to roughly 35 $million. :)

I would be grateful for some insight as to what to do with these seeds.
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Re: Graceful Bamboo Flowering

Post by Tarzanus »

You can try germinating the seeds and see if they are viable. It's very satisfying to see young bamboo grow from seed, but at the same time it can be frustrating, because it is a really slow process and some/most of them just struggle and never really take off.
I miss growing bamboo seeds. I'm almost 2 years off the hook now. Bambooholic. 😁

You can try selling the seeds, use them as food or animal fodder. By planting the seeds yourself, you can get a variegated or somehow different version of the plant.
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