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Found a new supplier with lots of species, picked up 10 new ones yesterday, everything here except the coconut on the end, all hauled inside my Forester with windows rolled up - tight squeeze as a couple were longer than the car and I snapped only one culm tips somehow.
I still do not yet have the courage to buy D giganteus, not sure I need a 12" diameter 100' bamboo, so far I'm sticking with 8" 80-100' bamboo...

D minor 'Amoenus'
Bambus vulgaris 'Vittata'
Ohe Kahiko a local name for an unknown canoe bamboo thought to have been brought by the Polynesians, suspected to be a form of Schizostachyum
Schizostachyum sp. 'Murray Island'
Schizostachyum jaculans the tallest one
Gigantochloa sp. 'Manggong'
Gigantochloa sp. 'Panjang'
Gigantochloa luteostriata
Guada amplexifolia
Cephalostachyum pergracile
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Re: Scored

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I like the really tall spindly one that seems to be leafless except a couple at the tip :)

I'm excited to follow along with your garden's progress again.
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