Propagating B. textilis var. Gracilis

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Propagating B. textilis var. Gracilis

Post by Shiva »

Hello Bamboo people
I live in Australia and I am trying to propagate B. textilis var. "Gracilis" from culm cuttings and layering.
I have tried air layering, ground layering and cuttings with low success rate.
I know that it is possible to do it with high success rate because there are large numbers of cutting propagated plants available for sale.

Does anyone have any advice?
I have thought about taking cuttings of and also layering new culms before they branch out.
It's too early to say if they will be successful.

I have contacted everyone I can find in Australia but it seems to be a very secretive business.

Does anyone know how to do this?

I would like to know
1) how old should the culms be?
2) What time of year should propagation be done?
3) single, double nodes?
4) anything else anyone can tell me, even if it's something that wasn't successful so I can rule it out.
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Re: Propagating B. textilis var. Gracilis

Post by xreadx »

Dividing Bamboo Bambusa Textilis Gracilis Clump to create hedge with
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Re: Propagating B. textilis var. Gracilis

Post by webgator »

I have a few videos on my YouTube channel documenting bamboo propagation using division and culm cuttings, including Gracilis. Not always successful with my divisions ripped out of the ground, especially with the Gracilis and Mutabilis this year. However, my potted Hirose which I divided into three seperate plants was 100% successful. Therefore, I'll be potting some of each type in my collection into 55 gallons plastic barrels cut in half as better propagation stock.

To answer your questions...

1. It is recommended culm age be two years or more.
2. Divisions taken in spring before the parent plant starts sending up new shoots.
3. Trim divisions to the first set of branches
4. Keep divisions damp but not drowning
5. Watch my videos for more info.....
Someday maybe I'll find a bamboo my wife the meantime I'll keep planting more!

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