Brown dots and spots on bamboo leaves

Controlling pests of bamboo

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Brown dots and spots on bamboo leaves

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Here's a thing - after I planted my bamboos outside, they started growing wildly, but all of them developed small brown speckles on their leaves. Old leaves and young leaves are affected, sometimes at the time or just after the leaves unfold. I don't see damage on any of established bamboos, just the ones I've taken outside recently - the young ones.

Leaves are otherwise healthy, way healthier than indoors, but with those darn spots. I'm thinking about using insecticide if problem persists.

Anyone else had that issue and identified the cause of it? I'm pretty sure these are some kind of leaf sap sucking suckers, but apart from fungus gnats, I haven't seen other insects. I'll have to walk patrols around the bamboos. :mrgreen:

PS: photo is a bit overexposed and is a bit too bright. Yellow is still yellow, but it's leaf variegation, not deficiency. Later on, leaves above it gradually increase the green and the last leaf appears almost completely green. Dark green leaves on other seedlings also have the same spots on them.
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