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New here

Post by Lydia »

Hi my name is Lydia in 27 and I’ve been growing bamboo for 11 years now I’ve loved it since I was a teenager and I’m excited to be here I’m currently growing moso from seed just out of boredom and I also love germinating seeds and enjoy the development of the plant from start to finish ! I’m finding it hard to post pics on here because of my iPhone I’m guessing but I also don’t have a computer does anyone have any suggestions
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Re: New here

Post by dependable »

Welcome to the site. While I don't know about posting pictures from a phone, I do know they have to be reduced to post here. I use an "export" function on my photo program to configure them to post here.
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Re: New here

Post by thebambooguy »

Hello and welcome to the site! Glad to see someone more around my age. (not that I don't appreciate the rest of you kind folks!)
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Re: New here

Post by Canadrew »

Welcome! I'm on the west coast, in my early 30s and bamboo has been my pandemic-passion.
For photo advice, can you take a screenshot of the photo - find the file and upload it? That would greatly reduce the size.
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Re: New here

Post by springtimeshoots »

Welcome to our community!

My name is anonymous and I have an addiction to bamboo. This hobby is amazing. With each growing year I look forward to seeing my beautiful bamboo culms soar into the air.

Don't be afraid to share your pictures with us :D
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Re: New here

Post by pokenei »

Growing bamboo is fun indeed because you don't know what next year's growth will be like.
However, if you're zone pushers like me, be prepared for disappointments as well. I am in zone 5, and in most years, my bamboos are top killed and they can come back the same size or significantly downgraded. This year however has been quite mild for my area, so no winter damage, thankfully.
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