How best to induce shoot abortion

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How best to induce shoot abortion

Post by pokenei »

It is bamboo shooting season for me.
There are some shoots that are sprouting in less desirable locations. E.g. In areas that I don't want it to go or when shoots grow too close together. In fact, the latter case is so prevalent this year for some reason.

Therefore, I am looking for ways to induce abortion on selected shoots without removing them. When bamboo naturally abort shoots, they reabsorbed them, which is what I want. I bended, I wiggled, and even trimmed off the top of a shoot thinking it will abort, but it stubbornly refused to abort. Now I am having regrets. Perhaps I should have let the side by side shoots be and slowly bend them apart as they grow. That would have been better. Now I have a dilemma, to break off the shoot or let it grow and have the top 2 to 3 feet missing.
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Re: How best to induce shoot abortion

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Just break off the tops of ones you want to abort. It has to be more than the tip however, a foot or so of growth should do it.
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