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<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 67 KB Arundinaria tecta Colected June 30th, 2008NJ
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 164 KB Arundinaria tecta Flowering bud, it has yet to open up.NJ
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 178 KB Arundinaria tecta The entire plant is flowering, its pretty.NJ
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 74 KB Arundinaria tecta Here is the base of the plant, it hasn't spread much in 3 years.NJ
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 176 KB Arundinaria tecta Flowering on 3/10/09NJ
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 163 KB Arundinaria tecta Flowering on 4/10/09NJ
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 23 KB Arundinaria tecta This is a cross section of an Arundinaria tecta rhizome showing the air canals around the outside perimeter of the rhizome. The rhizome flattened some when cut and cracked as it dried. The air canals should be very visible with a hand lens.Macon Co Georgia on a moist seepage slope
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 639 KB Arundinaria tecta High res photo of plant.Macon Co Georgia, by a road at the base of a gentle slope
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 181 KB Arundinaria tecta This is Arundinaria tecta growing at the base of a gentle slope. It receives full sun most of the day and late afternoon shade. It is next to a road and is a relatively dry site. Just north of Marshallville in Macon, Co. GAMacon Co Georgia, by a road at the base of a gentle slope
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 122 KB Arundinaria tecta This is an Arundinaria tecta plant 6-8 ft tall growing in a moist location and mostly in shade. The location is just north of Marshallville in Macon Co. GA.Macon Co Georgia on a moist seepage slope
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 162 KB Arundinaria tecta This large grove of A. gigantea ssp Tecta was found growing about 5 mi east of Emporia, VA, in a large swamp beside a small country road.Southampton County, VA (zone 7b)
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 100 KB Arundinaria tecta Photo from Used with permission from Jim @ Bamboo Plantation, Brookhaven, MS..
<i> Arundinaria tecta</i> 109 KB Arundinaria tecta A. G. tecta in wetlands area along side a road.Jones County, Mississippi

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