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<i> Chusquea bilimekii</i> 146 KB Chusquea bilimekii A strange plant - breaks down in winter ie branches turn grey-brown.
Not caused by low temps. New branch and leaf growth appear in spring but not all of the plant rejuvenates. Borinda figidorum does the same thing.
Scotts Valley, CA
<i> Chusquea bilimekii</i> 160 KB Chusquea bilimekii This is a new species in my collection. Looks like it shuts down during winter ref the apparent damage in the photo, however, what appears dead or damaged seems to recover and produce new leaves. My Borinda frigidorum does the same.Scotts Valley, CA
<i> Chusquea bilimekii</i> 69 KB Chusquea bilimekii mature culm - recently purchased from Tradewinds Bamboo Nursery.Scotts Valley, CA

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