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<i> Arundinaria appalachiana</i> 264 KB Arundinaria appalachiana Heading east on Ga. Highway 76, Left hand side, Fall 2008Rabun Co., North Georgia
<i> Arundinaria appalachiana</i> 307 KB Arundinaria appalachiana Heading East out of S.Carolina on left hand side. Photo taken Fall 2008Along Highway 76, Rabun Co. Ga
<i> Arundinaria appalachiana</i> 1,000 KB Arundinaria appalachiana On downhill side of a gravel camp road in forest cover above the swimming lake. One of a dozen plants in the colony. 12-24". August 25, 2008Camp Arrowhead, Henderson County, NC
<i> Arundinaria appalachiana</i> 31 KB Arundinaria appalachiana Plant in early December in its fall colors..
<i> Arundinaria appalachiana</i> 157 KB Arundinaria appalachiana A. Top knot of new shoot. B. Foliage leaf complement from midculm node. C. Foliage leaf, showing apex of sheath, fimbriae, pseudopetiole, and base of blade. D. Detail of abaxial surface of blade showing tessellation and pilose vestiture. E. Culm leaf at midculm node. F. Branch complement showing compressed basal internodes and reiterative secondary branch (arrow). Scale bar = 1 cm unless otherwise noted. All drawings based on Triplett & Ozaki 99. Credit: Illustrations by J. Triplett, Sida, Contributions to Botany.
<i> Arundinaria appalachiana</i> 134 KB Arundinaria appalachiana Arundinaria appalachiana Hill cane in Polk County, Tennessee. Credit: Photo by J. Triplett.
<i> Arundinaria appalachiana</i> 125 KB Arundinaria appalachiana This is a colony of A. appalachiana on a steep slope at approximately 1200 ft elevation. It is growing in heavy shade under a mixed pine/hardwood forest. Heights vary from 1-3 ft. with a 2 ft. average.Gilmer County Georgia on the south side of Carters Lake
<i> Arundinaria appalachiana</i> 165 KB Arundinaria appalachiana Deciduous form of Arundinaria gigantea in fall color.Marietta, South Carolina

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