Salt Tolerance: B. Lako & B. Eutuldoides Viridi Vittata
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Author:  ZZZ [ Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Salt Tolerance: B. Lako & B. Eutuldoides Viridi Vittata


Can anyone speak to the salt tolerance of Timor (B. Lako/black bamboo) and Asian Lemon?

I live in zone 10a on an island @50 miles below Tampa, FL as the crow flies. I'm 1 block from the bay on one side, and 3 blocks from the Gulf of Mexico on the other. Bad storms @2 times per year cause the water level to rise, so that certain spots of my property are under brackish water for a few hours. Unfortunately, these low areas are where I want to put a clump of each of the above bamboos.

I do have what I *believe* to be Seabreeze (B. Malingensis) that has absolutely thrived in one of these depressed, partial sunlight areas that I've described: it has gone from 10 or so culms at 15' tall to a solid base that's 10' in diameter and 35' tall inside of 3 years.

As I have done with fruit trees here recently, I am planning on building raised beds with some 2"x12" boards that would create a roughly 5'x5' growing area for each of these two bamboo clumps. So my questions for those of you with bamboo experience are: 1) Do you think that these two bamboo clumps will be safe in raised beds whereby the tops of the roots would never be submerged in water, but yet salt water might be to the sides of the beds 1-2 times per year; and 2) Would a 5'x5' area be spacious enough for the Timor and the Asian Lemon bamboos?

Thanks for your consideration.

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