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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:37 am 

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pokenei wrote:
After consecutive weeks with highs of -10s and lows of -20s (-30 at its lowest + windchill), there's finally a break. +2 high today. Talking in degrees Celsius.

I am pretty sure all leaves are fried, but seeing the leaves partially uncurl today gives a tiny bit of joy and false hope. Realistically, the best I'm hoping for is that my bamboos can partially releaf in June, but top kill is expected.

That is cold, good luck.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:38 pm 

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Ophiuchus wrote:
Temp got down to 20F and the pots still look dried out. My damage is done, so I'm going to water the foliage again to remove ice and shut off asap to give time to dry before temps drop again.
Only water when above 40 degrees Fahrenheit at mid-day.

It is really hard finding authoritative info on this topic, but when I searched a while ago the most frequent thing I found was that suggestion.
Colorado State University Extension - Fall and Winter Watering wrote:
Watering Guidelines

Water only when air temperatures are above 40 degrees F. Apply water at mid-day so it will have time to soak in before possible freezing at night.

Plants receiving reflected heat from buildings, walls and fences are more subject to damage. The low angle of winter sun makes this more likely on south or west exposures. Windy sites result in faster drying of plants and require additional water.

Monitor weather conditions and water during extended dry periods without snow cover – one to two times per month.

Click here for full article.

From forums, this looks like why 40F might be the watering point - below that, and maybe the Bamboo won't use the water due to dormancy:
stevelau1911 wrote:
Bamboos don't need any light at all when the soil temperatures drop below 40F because they will move into dormancy so it is fine to cover them up. I wouldn't use burlap though because it doesn't hold in heat. Photosynthesis wouldn't happen anyways when it gets that cold so 100% darkness is OK.

The best way to tarp in zones 4-6 is to bend the culms down to the ground and put a plastic sheet over them. Pool liners, carpets, or even blankets should work too. Here's a better thread with more proven over-wintering techniques.

Click here for full thread.

IMHO the to-the-ground or plastic-wrap is too ugly for Bamboo visible from public walkways; after my recent experience with topkill I'm planning on doing something artistic with $5 8ft clear acrylic tubes and thick copper wire to hold the tubes upright with several culms next year, to see if that will let some culm's leaves survive the winter and lead to faster upsizing.

I already tried these tubes for training growth paths, and it turns out the 'boo happily branches out and grows leaves inside the tubes that seem super-healthy; I only took them off because the purpose of guiding growth was successful, but next year I'll put them on at half the culms and leave them there over the winter, probably putting some foam on the ends to air can get in and out but its velocity is limited. My thought is that if I can get them to survive one winter, maybe they will get hardy enough for the next one, or at least they will be around to fuel the next set of larger diameter shoots before dying.

This pic is before branch/leaf-out; I don't think I took a pic of after, but it was actually a cool effect, kinda looked like just a tube full of leaves. And when I took the tube off, the branches - which were already full length pointing up - spread out away from the main culm and now look normal.
Incense Bamboo 4 Weeks - Leaf out in clear tubes.jpg
Incense Bamboo 4 Weeks - Leaf out in clear tubes.jpg [ 192.2 KiB | Viewed 6 times ]

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