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23 days, 05h:50m:51s Framed bamboo motif, green background

23 days, 05h:54m:47s Set of 5 bamboo hand fans with various decorations

23 days, 05h:54m:50s Collapsing bamboo hand fan

23 days, 06h:39m:48s Wall hanging with ink drawing

23 days, 10h:50m:44s Flute made by Mike Kanner, 12”, with instructions how to play

23 days, 10h:59m:13s Set of 4 rubber stamps with various bamboo motifs

23 days, 11h:19m:17s Set of 20 carved chopsticks in decorative box, from China, with set of 4 rests

23 days, 11h:21m:40s “Ivory” or poly snuff containers, 4-5” long

23 days, 11h:30m:20s Ceramic ink holder for calligraphy, with two agate block stamps

23 days, 11h:46m:36s Set of cups : 1 lacquered tea cup & 4 bamboo sake cups

23 days, 12h:57m:58s Crafted bamboo fan with panda painting

23 days, 13h:55m:16s Set of 3 baskets: 10”x7” oval, 12”x3” tall w/ handle, 10”x3” dark w/handle

23 days, 13h:57m:40s Carved moso vase 7.5” x 4”

23 days, 14h:01m:28s Set of gold lacquered trays

23 days, 14h:06m:28s Set of 2 napkin holders

23 days, 14h:08m:34s Assorted book markers and stationary items

23 days, 14h:11m:52s Set of 9 writing pens

23 days, 14h:14m:08s Ceramic vase, bamboo motif, signed by maker 6” tall

23 days, 14h:14m:29s Framed ink drawing from Freer Gallery, 10”x 8”

23 days, 14h:18m:01s Gold-tone lidded box with bamboo motif, 2” in diameter

23 days, 14h:19m:00s Porcelain vase, with painted bamboo motif

23 days, 14h:19m:32s Insulated carafe/decanter, resembles bamboo

23 days, 14h:24m:14s Set of 15 assorted “taketombos” (flying dragonflies) with box & story

23 days, 14h:24m:52s Magazine rack, 15” x 20”

23 days, 14h:29m:50s Decorative culm, 14” long, with rhizome buds and carved figure on one end

23 days, 14h:30m:23s Set of 4 Indonesian incense sticks in tubes

23 days, 14h:36m:40s Set of 10 miniature items made of bamboo. Tray is 6”, basket is 2”

23 days, 14h:37m:00s Set of 2 baskets, tightly-woven, 5” & 6”

23 days, 14h:37m:11s Hanging ikebana vase, single culm with cut-out, 12” x 1.75"

23 days, 14h:42m:57s Basket, 6”x 6”

23 days, 14h:47m:08s Set of small ceramic dish in handled basket, 4”

23 days, 14h:47m:08s Set of 2 caligraphy weights or paper weights, 4” & 6”

23 days, 14h:47m:37s Bamboo cup with array of over 25 sets of chopsticks

23 days, 14h:48m:08s Set of 3 vases

24 days, 01h:40m:48s Set of two folding frames for displaying pictures or fans

24 days, 01h:56m:41s Bamboo charcoal wind chimes from Japan, in original package

24 days, 02h:41m:37s Leopard-skin squared Moso picture holder, 13” long, from Japan

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